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Writers Workflow

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What is Writers Workflow?


Writers Workflow (WWF) is a unique 10-step story development coaching process designed by Jeff Lyons to help storytellers and writers navigate the confusing waters of story development. These 10 steps ensure (not guarantee, there are no guarantees) any writer or storyteller will be successfully positioned to start actual pages after they reach step 10.


The idea is to develop first, write second.


Writers Workflow is an effective and proven process that can get a writer from idea to pages without sacrificing creativity or productivity. This is NOT about writing pages and getting a screenplay or manuscript written—this is not a writing coaching program! It is a story development coaching program designed to position the writer, after they have been through the full process, to then begin writing pages with a high degree of confidence that they indeed have a story with legs.


A writer can begin writing anytime they choose, of course, this is an individual decision, but WWF believes there are great benefits for those who wait.

Read All About it:   (learn the steps)


Let me know when the application process starts!

Origins of Writers Workflow

Writers Workflow came out of thousands of hours of consulting and guiding novelists, screenwriters, and creative nonfiction authors through my books and courses. The workflow was sourced out of all their hard work and experience working from the idea stage all the way to writing pages. I found that, over time, all my students and clients were doing the same “steps” and working with the same productivity tools.


They may have started at different places in the process, some more advanced, others less so, but they all ended up following the same core path. It did not take much of a leap to figure out this path and pinpoint the most common steps and tools all writers were using: ten steps accompanied by specific worksheets and development tools specific to each step—thus Writers Workflow was born.

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