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LIFETIME ACCESS DISCLAIMER:   "Lifetime access" means full access to a product, course, or membership for the life of the product. However, Storygeeks and Jeff Lyons reserve the right to retire, remove, or discontinue any product, course, or membership at anytime without notice (though reasonable notice will be typically be given to all users of any changes in product availability.)


Storygeeks and Jeff Lyons reserves the exclusive right to use any photograph/ video/ audio taken at any recorded Storygeeks online event/ Zoom session / hot seat session/ Q&A session or any other recorded online Storygeeks session, without requiring the permission of those included within the recorded video/ audio output. Storygeeks and Jeff Lyons may use the photograph/ video/ audio for educational, commercial, marketing or publicity purposes without limitation, and in perpetuity. Your knowing video and/or audio participation in any Storygeeks recorded event/session constitutes your agreement to these terms.


LAST UPDATE: March 9, 2024


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