Looking for beta readers? Wanting input and feedback from like-minded geeks who speak the same language as you? Or just looking for a safe, fun, and challenging place to learn and continue to grow your skill sets?

Well, we heard you. This is a place for all those things—and more. 
A place where you can belong and stay connected.  And ... boy ... what a place!

Just Let Me in Already!

What Awaits You Inside ...

Pick your passion.
 So many fun things you can do inside the community. Besides just talking with other members in discussion circles, there will be many live events, videos on worksheet tips/tricks/hacks, hot seat sessions for the brave at heart ... and much more.

Discussion Circles

Specific topic areas where you can talk, argue, challenge, share knowledge and get smarter about story.


Member Hot Seats

Sign up for hot seat sessions to work through current story problems when you're in the mud and need help getting unstuck. (Just like we do in class!)

Special Events  / Interviews

Hear from publishing industry pros on how the business works, TV writers, movie producers, famous novelists all sharing their wisdom in one-on-one live interviews (recorded).

Tips / Tricks / Hacks

Get the latest how-to videos from Jeff Lyons on working with worksheets and other tools as they are dropped. And then discuss!

Logline Feedback

Exercise your logline machine muscles and pitch your loglines and get feeback on what's working ... or not. 

Enneagram-Story Connection

Ask all your Enneagram-story questions and get videos and other info on how to use the Enneagram system.

Micro-Masterclass Trainings

Short training videos breaking down specific concepts; AOPL or RSD application processes; and beginner, intermediate, and advanced story development topics.

Monthly Q&As

Every month we'll hold a live sessions (recorded) for community members to ask anything and get answers to burning questions.

Believe it or not — there's even more.