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Jeff's Bio

Jeff Lyons has more than 25 years' experience working as an author, screenwriter, developmental editor, and story consultant in the publishing and entertainment industries. Over the last decade, he has worked with bestselling authors, produced screenwriters and producers, and major organizations like the Producers Guild of America, Stanford University's creative writing certificate program, among others.

His first book, Anatomy of a Premise Line (Focal Press, 2015), rewrote the "rules" for how to develop a story, and his latest book, Rapid Story Development (Focal Press, 2019), introduced a brand new approach to story  and character development using the Enneagram-Story Connection. A new and much expanded 2nd Ed. of Anatomy of a Premise line will be published sometime in 2026 (Focal Press).

Jeff has more than two decades of experience speaking with groups of all sizes about the transformational process of storytelling. Jeff’s style has been described as “incredibly personable”, “engaging” and “challenging you to think differently” about the practice of telling stories.

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