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Writers Support Net

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Writing. The place where the rubber meets the road. Whether you’ve completed your story development work or you’re still in the process of it, many writers find it challenging to keep moving forward on their own.


While Storygeeks is not about writing process, per se, but about story development, I’ve long wanted to offer a clear path forward to full execution, once a writer has finished their consult or coaching program, i.e., to provide support for the actual writing.


To give my clients and students a better support system post consulting/coaching, I’ve partnered with Called to Write and an expert team of developmental editors whose combined services can provide any writer with a full soup-to-nuts solution for taking their hard development work with Storygeeks and successfully transitioning that work into actual writing.

Called To Write—A Place to Write

Jenna Avery's Called to Write  is an online writers’ community that provides a host of writer support and services including regular writing sprints, monthly goals and planning events, weekly shared goal setting, and online progress journals on a monthly subscription basis. This is the ONLY writing community/group Storygeeks recommends to its students and clients!





Meet the Editors — Get Your Manuscript Ready for Publication


Finding a good book editor (fiction or nonfiction) is one of the hardest things any writer will have to do. You will have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince (or princess in this case).


I have saved you this indignity by partnering with three crackerjack professional developmental editors who provide consulting services to writers with partial or completed manuscripts and who are looking for expert help pulling their manuscripts together for publishers or agents, or for self-publishing.


These three editors all work separately, so you can learn more about them and interview them individually to find the best fit for your project, but any one of them is fully capable of helping you with your writing and manuscript design.


When you’ve done the hard work of development, then get your manuscript written with the help of Called to Write and are ready to get professional feedback on the whole shebang, then it’s time to meet the editors.

It's in Your Hands

So now you have a great place to get writing help and accountability (Called To Write) AND you have a team of editors to help you shape and finalize your manuscript (novel or screenplay or work of creative nonfiction). When you engage them and how is totally up to you.  The Net is out there to catch you. 

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