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Frequently Asked Q's

  • Q1: Can I do WWF on my own without any support or consulting?
    Yes. The steps of WWF are listed on the WWF home page and can be followed accordingly on your own. There is no cost or coaching involved. Have at it.
  • Q2: Can I pay for coaching by individual steps or blocks?
    No. The WWF coaching program is an all or nothing program.You join for 10 months and move to completion, although you can cancel your enrollment at any point without penalty. Individual steps or blocks cannot be purchased one-off and are only accessible for coaching as part of the overall program.
  • Q3: Is there a self-directed version of the coaching program?
    Not yet, but it is in development. It is called "Writers Workkflow Direct" and you will be able to pay for individual blocks (pay-as-you-go) and have up to 2 months to finish each block. There is no personalized coaching or feedback on work done, but limited email support will be available. Stay tuned for details on the WWF home page.
  • Q4: Are there refunds for coaching purchases?
    Maybe. Once the program is started, all blocks must be purchased and paid in advance and can be bought one at a time, in sequential fashion. If the buyer cannot complete the course for personal reasons, health, etc. extensions can be offered and possible refunds awarded, but each case will have to be handled individually. Generally, there is a no refund policy.
  • Q5: Can I freeze the program once begun?
    Yes. There are no penalties for freezing. Participants will have 60 days from the freeze start to rejoin their program, otherwise they will have to forfeit their purchase and drop out of the program. Reapplication will have to wait until the next 10-month cycle begins. If there are disputes about refunding in the case of hardship, etc., then the refund policy will be invoked. Please see the refund police on the WWF home page for details.
  • Q6: Can I pay in installments?
    Kind of. The program is pay-as-you-go, so essentially it is paid in installments. But there is no traditional installment program where you pay a fixed amount over time. The only options for payment are in full (with a discount) or by the block up front.
  • Q1: Can I return products?
    No. There are no returns on digital products.
  • Q2: Do you refund payments
    No. There are no refunds on digital products once they are delivered. If you never get delivery for some reason, then these incidents are handled on an incident basis through email.
  • Q3: Can I share my products and links with others?
    No. Per our services agreement, all digital products are for the purchaser's use only. No sharing is allowed.
  • Q4: As products are updated, will I receive automatic updates of new or improved tools?
    No. You will have to urchase any new or improved tools as they are updated in the system. Auto updates of new versions are not available.
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