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This product bundle is an expanded version of the Premise Line Worksheet product and is used to assist in development of a proper story premise line as used in the Anatomy of a Premise Line book and in the "Anatomy of a Premise Line" classes.



  • Premise Line Worksheet PDF/DOCX files
  • Premise Line Worksheet Examples PDF/DOCX
  • User Guide PDF
  • Link to video training


Who Should Buy:

  • Students of any Storygeeks story development class.
  • Anyone familiar with Anatomy of a Premise Line or Rapid Story Development books.
  • Anyone who has used Storygeeks consulting services.


NOTICE: Storygeeks reserves the right to change product pricing and/or to delete, change, or retire from public access any standalone worksheet or worksheet with video product or product bundle and any included items in the products at any time without prior notice to users.  

AOPL Premise Line Bundle

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